Socfin highly commended: says Parliamentary Committee

3 October 2015

The Management of Socfin Agricultural Company Sierra Leone Limited with over thirty thousand acres of oil palm establishment in Malen Chiefdom Pujehun District has once more been exonerated and highly praised by the visiting Parliamentarians across the board and specifically belonging to the Agricultural Committee of Parliament for living up to its Corporate Social Responsibilities ranging from the provisions for the Health and Educational sectors, food sustainability, roadwork linking in and out of Malen Chiefdom, job creation for thousands amongst many others.

Making various commendations marking September 30 2015 tour of the facilities of Socfin alongside Local Chiefs and other stakeholders, each Parliamentarian after the other praised the company for favorably living up to its social functions carried out starting from April 2011 precisely when Socfin working in collaboration with the Government and local authorities started the establishment of the plantation which has now been accompanied by the completion of the largest oil mill in this part of Africa and now fully operational.

Expressing his impression during and after the tour which took the team to the mill while in operations, to the Socfin Community boli land rice farm cultivation sites, the Management quarters, Hill Station housing the fuel station, Garage/ ware house and other offices, newly handed over workers canteen, the Chairman Parliamentary Committee of Agriculture Hon: Alimamy G Kargbo, was quick to roundly dismiss and lashed out at skeptics and those he described as wicked and dishonest detractors for maliciously criticizing and lying on Socfin, referring to the act as empty and mere political propaganda ploy which has no basis.

Particularly Hon Kargbo challenged those detractors to now take the opportunity to join the bus services to Sahn and see things for themselves.

Hon Kargbo warned detractors to either put up or shut up.

Concluding Hon Kargbo thanks Socfin for hugely complementing the services of Govt. Repeatedly the Committee Chairman and team leader, referred to the work done as massive development projects including the strengthening of food sufficiency as demonstrated by the boli land and IVS rice projects for the people.

Similar expressions were made by various members of the committee all of whom abundantly lavished praise adjectives for the work of Socfin Agricultural Company Sierra Limited.

Again Hon Mohamed K Tholly of the SLPP, constituency 70 of Kakua Chiefdom categorically dismissed lies made against Socfin adding that any politician not in recognition of such a massive investment need to be dismissed for being blind to the need of the people if not their sustainability as Socfin he went on will provide for generations yet unborn.

Welcoming colleague Parliamentarians in his compound, Hon PC BVS Kebbie thanks all for coming and started off by singing the praise of Socfin referring to it as a baby born to his native Malen Chiefdom.

For which the Chief showers blessings to the Govt. of President Koroma and further reassured all of Malen Chiefdoms’ continues commitment to the good work of Socfin.

Speaking further Chief Kebbie catalogued the good work of Socfin sighting the company’s positive contributions to the protracted fight against the dreadful Ebola, constructions of community roads and continues repairs of the highways linking Sahn to Pujehun and Koribondo.

Other areas made mention of were constructions and rehabilitation of schools, the payment of community teachers whose names are not on the pay roll, Constructions of water facilities and community barriers, Boli land and IVS rice cultivations for Upper and Lower Malen respectively.

Equally so the Chief thanks Govt. for providing Sahn town with a Govt. bus services plying to and from Freetown for the sum of thirty thousand Leones. Another development he attributed to the Presence of Socfin . Sahn , he went on can also boast of the presence of GT Bank while a technical centre is under construction.

Recounting the advent of Socfin Hon PC BVS Kebbie paid enormous tribute and commendation to the patient and rewarding contributions made by the energetic Country Director Mr. Gerben Haringsma and his closed working partner in the person of Mr. Lewis Shilling who is the Administrative Secretary of Socfin. Sierra Leone.

Briefing the Committee shortly before the commencement of the tour, General Manager Mr. Philip Tonks reassured all of Socfin’s ever growing commitment to revamp the country’s’ economy as socfin continues to invest and work with the Govt. and the people of Malen Chiefdom.

During the tours personnel of Socfin staring with the Technical Manager ,Georgois Ntrivas , mill manager, Akwasi Adu Boahen led the team to see the segments of the mill as it operates for which he was commended.

Similarly Liaison Officer Mr. Dauda Jayah in details explained the activities of the rice farm while Mr. Gbesay Bojon brifed the committee of the newly incorporated fishing pond project while the Human Resource Manager Mr. Abu Amara from time to time explained the work done.

Earlier the PRO Mr. Easmon Moiguah explained about the Green belt which he stated are portions of land previously leased to Socfin but were turned back for social and other functions of each community.

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