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Our ambition is to develop a responsible and transformative tropical agriculture based on innovation and sustainability.

Today, the Socfin Group is a major player in Africa and Asia in the production of palm oil and natural rubber: palm oil is sold on local markets and natural rubber is mainly exported to Europe and the United States. We operate in 10 producing countries, working closely with research institutions, specialized agronomists and qualified local staff to manage agro-industrial projects on the ground in our 16 production sites and 2 research centers/facilities.

Our holistic approach combines agronomic innovation, social values, and respect for the environment, ensuring the company’s sustainable development. Our continuous research and development work provides us with sustainable solutions to improve plantation productivity and product quality, while respecting nature and people.

Our business model thus contributes directly to rural development and food security in the countries where we operate through, among other things, our production of palm oil for local consumption.

Since 1909, our Group has always strived to produce palm oil and natural rubber sustainably to create shared value for all: for employees and their families, for smallholders and communities, and for our partners, customers, and shareholders.

As a pioneer in the sustainable development of rural regions producing natural rubber and palm oil for over a century, our Group has become an international player creating local job opportunities in often very isolated regions:

52 300 jobs created

191 000 ha of plantations

€ 991.5 million turnover

By promoting rural development and innovation, improving quality of life, and protecting the environment, we strengthen the stability, performance, and sustainability of our business model, while all stakeholders in our value chain benefit, from smallholders to our shareholders, employees, communities, and consumers.

Therefore, we integrate sustainability practices into every stage of our supply chain. This approach is consolidated in our responsible management policy charter. To ensure its implementation on the ground, we have put in place an agile organization combining expertise and experience, with responsible agricultural practices at its core, enabling us to ease the transition towards sustainable agricultural and food systems.

We are structured as a network of different subsidiaries, each with a specific area of expertise, shared across the Group and its sites, thereby creating synergies for the whole organization.

Socfinco FR

Management of our agro-industrial sites and technical assistance, coordination of scientific research in the agronomic field, management of the development and operation of our green energy production facilities.

Sodimex FR

Central procurement office for our sites.

Sogescol FR

Marketing and export of our natural rubber and palm oil.

Induservices FR

Development and provision of our IT and administrative solutions.