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Production of seeds

Among the world leaders


The Socfin Group, a true driving force in applied agronomic research. 

The Group has been producing oil palm seeds for over 30 years. Production is mainly concentrated in Indonesia, where it experienced a major development break-through in the late 90s. Recently, production has expanded to Cameroon, where the Group opened a second production unit. In 2022, more than 15 million seeds have marketed. Thanks to its expertise and organization, the Group can easily adapt its production to market demand, as it can produce 45 million seeds per year.

Research efforts in the oil palm sector and experience gained over multiple decades have helped rank the Group among the world leaders in oil palm seeds production. This applied research, which becomes increasingly important and focuses on genetic oil palm improvements, makes considerable progress each year, increasing the yield per hectare by increasing fruit bunch production and oil extraction rate.

Once again, the oil palm proves its value compared to other oilseeds. Its oil production per hectare is 6 to 8 times higher than other oilseeds, thereby reducing agricultural land use to meet the population’s needs.

Together with this productivity improvement, research has led to advances in plant pathologies: resistance to certain diseases such as fusarium, ganoderma, etc. This disease resistance has a significant impact on environmental protection, as it leads to a decrease in sanitary control methods.

Our expertise and research guarantee our seed quality, offering the world market a more productive and resistant oil palm, for responsible tropical agriculture.