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Responsible employer

Respecting and improving the social well-being of employees, their families, and communities: it is our responsibility to ensure decent livelihoods, access to medical care and social infrastructure.

We strive to improve the well-being of our employees both at work and at home.

We provide quality health care for our employees and their dependents. In addition to basic occupational health care, we also provide a wide range of other medical services: minor surgery, childbirth, vaccinations, family planning, etc. Our teams are trained to deal with emergency situations and to detect and alert in case of an infectious disease outbreak. On the ground, they play a key role in minimizing the risks associated with the potential spread of disease and in protecting all employees and local populations from potential epidemics or pandemics.

In the sites, housing is provided free of charge for all employees, the provision of which depends on the employee’s socio-professional category.

In addition to housing and medical care, we ensure that social infrastructure such as marketplaces, sports fields, clubs, and schools are built within the plantation villages.

Child protection and education are at the heart of our concerns

The Socfin Group also supports education and training in the countries where it operates by facilitating access to and improving the quality of the education system in place. Wherever possible, we provide financial and logistical support for renovations, the construction of new buildings or the supply of equipment or teaching staff. As a result, more than 62 000 young people who want to go to school can attend.

337 schools – 64 500 children – 3 300 teachers

Safety at work, a priority for the Group

Occupational safety is another major concern within our Group. Each estate made this a priority and has formalized the Group’s commitment in this area in a proper OHS policy, strengthened in most cases by RSPO certification.

These OHS policies focus on prevention. All employees concerned receive PPE (personal protective equipment) adapted to their workstation and free of charge: work clothes, boots, safety shoes, helmets, aprons. Regular awareness raising sessions are organized to encourage the wearing of personal protective equipment. We impose these same safety conditions on teams of indirect employees and our supervisory staff monitors the actual wearing of PPE. Finally, when a non-conformity is observed in the field, it is reported to the relevant manager so that awareness can be raised and corrective action taken, if necessary.

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