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A token of good management and continuous improvement

To ensure long-term sustainability of management systems and continuous improvement of operations, the Socfin Group monitors its activities by means of recognized and efficient certification systems.

As an international player in responsible tropical agriculture, it is important for us to show our compliance with globally recognized and shared quality standards. Within the context of these certifications, and for transparency purposes, we have decided to rely on neutral third-party structures to regularly assess our performance.

Our certifications focus on the various pillars of good governance and ensure all stakeholders that our management systems are compliant. In line with the following standards, they reflect our commitment to continuous improvement:

  • ISO 9001: quality management
  • ISO 14001: environmental management and continuous improvement of our operations
  • RSPO: certification of the sustainable aspect of our palm oil

These certifications apply to our plantations and industrial units according to their relevance, but also depending on the evolution of our activities. If you want to find out more about our certifications, please have a look at our latest sustainability report.

RSPO certified oil mills

to 31.12.2023



100% target: end of 2023

ISO 14001 certified sites

to 31.12.2022



In process of certification

100% target: end of 2023