Processing unit

2 100 ha

Planted area

6 400 T

Palm oil production


Direct and indirect employees


The flourishing palm groves of Agripalma are the only industrial oil palm plantations in the Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe.

Given the huge need for palm oil to meet local market demand, the São Toméan government has decided to introduce investment policies to attract agro-industrial investors. In 2009, São Tomé and the Socfin Group concluded an agreement for the creation of Agripalma, a concession of around 2 400 hectares in the south of the island to be used for industrial oil palm cultivation.

On the 2 400 ha of concession devoted to oil palm plantations, today, 2 100 hectares of palm groves have been planted and the palm oil mill had its first production in 2019.

For Agripalma, the development of the plantation is necessarily coupled with that of its workers and of the surrounding communities, including building and maintaining schools and kindergartens, donating equipment and toys, financial support for the schools fees, monthly oil distribution…

As a major player in the development of the region, the plantation has integrated into the local area in various ways, including by supporting the annual community festivals of the plantation’s local population.

The economic activity created by the plantation provides additional income for the local community, where many small and medium-sized businesses have flourished since 2010. This economic dynamism is changing the character of this area, where the average daily income was less than €1 before the creation of the plantation.

Today, Agripalma is a major economic player on the island, and it has become the largest private employer in São Tomé and Príncipe, Agripalma is also the only large-scale plantation on the island.


Agripalma started the certification of its operations following the “organic farming” requirements. For several years now, Agripalma has not used any chemical fertilizers or biocides in its plantation. Agripalma obtained certification of its palm fruit and palm oil production in December 2017.

Since the end of 2019, Agripalma has established a partnership with the Real Madrid Foundation to combine sport and education and in this way contribute to the well-being of children. The aim is to create a passion for sport, while promoting education and respect for values such as equality, self-esteem, team spirit, tolerance, etc. in 2022, 110 children benefit from this project in Agripalma, they are divided into 6 groups and train twice a week.

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