Founded in 1909, the Socfin Group is active in the development
and management of oil palm and rubber plantations.

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Socfin, guarantor of responsible, sustainable and innovative tropical agriculture.

Sustainability report – 2023


“One can do nothing with nothing, but can do plenty with little”

Adrien Hallet





191 000
ha developed

52 300

Who are we?

Founded in 1909, the Socfin Group is active in the development and management of oil palm and rubber plantations. Its expertise, industry knowledge and innovation make Socfin an international agro-industrial player.

Present in 8 countries in Central and West Africa, as well as 2 countries in Southeast Asia, Socfin is a major player in the regional economic development through its responsible tropical agriculture, addressing basic social needs while protecting the environment.

Responsible management

Since its creation in 1909, the Socfin Group has always been aware of its social and environmental impact in the countries where it operates.

Taking into account the evolving development challenges, the Socfin Group is working consistently to improve its activities and become the leader in responsible tropical agriculture.

Latest news

New graduates at Socfin Cambodia’s tapping school

New graduates at Socfin Cambodia’s tapping school

Congratulations to the latest graduates from Socfin Cambodia’s tapping school in the plantation of Coviphama! After successfully completing their one-month training they will join their new colleagues from the tapping teams on the field. Do you also want to join our...

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From trees of selected varieties, natural rubber is a renewable raw material with many advantages. Rubber trees also constitute a considerable carbon sink.


Palm oil

This is the most widely used vegetable oil in the world. The oil palm is the plant whose cultivation is the most economical in terms of land use and the most sustainable.



Research in the field of oil palm and the experience acquired position the Socfin Group among the world   leaders in seed production.



The Socfin Group is present in Central and West Africa and South-East Asia.

After more than a century of activity, the Group has built up an experience and expertise that makes it a major player today.


Socfin, Socfinaf and Socfinasia are three Luxembourg companies listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

Their activities consist of managing a portfolio of holdings focused on the development of more than 191 000 hectares of tropical oil palm and rubber plantations located in Africa and South-East Asia.