Renewable energy





Renewable energy

Renewable energies provide a secure energy supply with zero net greenhouse gas emissions.

That’s why we invest in green energy production, to improve our energy balance and autonomy while promoting environmental preservation.

Indeed, for more than 30 years, our agro-industrial activities have enabled us to achieve an enviable environmental performance because our oil mills and some of our rubber factories are already almost entirely self-sufficient in energy. The energy supply is done by boilers, which are in turn fueled by biomass and agricultural by-products from our agricultural activities: fibers, empty fruit bunches, shells and rubber wood.

15.5 million liters of fuel saved in 2022

We develop new solutions on site: 29 PROJECTS IN 9 COUNTRIES

  • Construction of a hydroelectric dam in Liberia: Meeting the energy needs of the project, but also the needs of 10 000 families;
  • Heat production through the use of biomass in the oil mill boilers and natural rubber dryers;
  • Production of electric power from solar panels.

Our team of experts coordinates all the Group’s renewable energy projects, in both Asia and Africa.

These solutions, which we are developing in isolated regions that are often not connected to the national grids, allow us to have positive impacts on our three pillars of sustainable development, including:

  • Improve local livelihoods by facilitating access to water and electricity to supply health centers, houses, schools etc.;
  • Support local development by making available the energy required to develop any local or industrial economic activity;
  • Minimize our impact on global warming and the environment by reducing our net CO2 emissions by moving away from fossil fuels and using biomass boilers for steam turbines and dryers, solar panels, and a hydroelectric dam.

These solutions also have positive logistical and financial effects:

  • Local electricity generation, available on demand;
  • Elimination of risks related to the logistics of supplying fuel to the sites;
  • Stabilize the energy cost by becoming independent of imports.

Solar panels

Hydroelectric dam

Biomass dryers

Steam turbines and biomass boilers