Agriculture Minister impressed with work of Socfin

6 August 2015


A high profile delegation comprising members of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and Forestry and other high ranking officials drawn from the same Ministry led by the Deputy minister, Madam Marie Jalloh has on Saturday 1st August 2015 made a conducted tour of the facilities of Socfin Agricultural Company SL .LTD in what has been popularly described as memorable with Socfin not only adding value to land in the Malen Chiefdom but busy rebuilding the lives of thousands in Pujehun District and further revamping the economy of Sierra Leone as a whole.

Speaking at Sahn Malen marking the visit, the Deputy Minister says herself and Government remains very proud and impressed of the activities of Socfin Agricultural Company, Sierra Leone Limited.

The Deputy Minister further reassured both the local Chefs and the rest of the Management of Socfin of Govt.’s fullest support with the view of encouraging Socfin to continue to do what the minister in her repeated statements referred to as positive initiatives used in carrying out the Corporate Social Responsibility.

Speaking further the minister referred to Socfin as a good example which deserves to be emulated by many other investors, adding that Govt. made no mistake in accepting Socfin to operate and to compliment the efforts of Government as a whole.

She in turn encouraged Socfin to continue to do what Government cannot readily do for now in Malen Chiefdom.

Socfin, the Deputy Minister went on is now a house hold name in Sierra Leone and must be given the enabling environment to help carry out its good work in line with the aspirations of the land owning families.

Also speaking was Hon Dr. Thomas Mark Turay who equally lavished high profile commendations on Socfin as an Agricultural company. He in turn pleaded with the local residents together with the Chiefs to continue to work with Socfin for the development and betterment of their children.

For his part Hon Dauda Fawundu who represents constituency 88 comprising Malen, YKK and Mano Sakrim Chiefdoms in Pujehun District,was quick to inform his colleagues that he is equally very proud of the work of Socfin particularly when one considers the developments done in the space of three years all of which could have posed serious concern had Socfin not taken care.

Particularly Hon Dauda Fawundu raised the alarm that the frequent visits made by other committees and many others which has no official engagement with the work of Socfin needs to be curtailed if not reduced with the view of allowing Socfin to work and above all spend elsewhere and on various developmental activities.

Earlier in his welcome statement the General Manager Mr. Philip Tonks gave a brief background of the work of Socfin before explaining some of the recent Corporate Social Responsibilities done.

Also the General Manager gave a picture of the planting since embarked upon, noting that Socfin has in its operations deliberately given out leased concession land which are vast portion of land handed over back to each and every community for the use of social functions including burial spaces, and for constructions of community structures and related functions.

In his follow up statement the PRO Easmon Moiguah informed the delegation that Socfin takes special keen interest in the education of the youths and has since constructed a community school building for Sinjo and has continue to refurbish other schools.

Also the PRO explained that besides refurbishing the only Junior Secondary school in Sahn town, Socfin has undertaking the payment of various teachers whose names are not on the pay roll otherwise referred to as
community teachers.

It must be stated that Socfin has since established a scholarship scheme for successful BECE candidates leaving Sahn for Senior Secondary outside Malen Chiefdom.

Making the conducted tour, the delegation were taken to see the boliland rice cultivation sites, a special project designed to help bring about food security to Malen Chiefdom and beyond.

Details of the rice cultivation process including both the boli land and IVS were explained by Mr. Dauda Jaiah who represented Mr. James Pessima who is still on sick leave.

Furthermore the team was taken to see the planting of trees with the view of protecting the environment and portion of land which were used for the establishment of the nursery outside Kotumahun housing the multimillion dollar oil mill now in operations.

Other member of the delegation includes the Director General MAFFS, Francis A Sankoh, Director of Forestry, Mr. William Bangura amongst many others.

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