Processing unit

4 900 T

Refined olein production


Direct and indirect employees


SPFS (Société des Palmeraies de la Ferme Suisse) produces refined palm oil in Cameroon, sold under the “PALM’ OR” brand name.

SPFS was established in 1974. Its production unit was built in 1985, followed by a refinery in 1989.

Since 2004, significant investments have been made to modernize this refinery and, in particular, to improve its performance.

With a processing capacity limited to 50 tons per day and obsolete equipment, SPFS was unable to remain competitive with other market players who were constantly increasing their production capacity thanks to increasingly high-performance equipment. What’s more, today’s market is undergoing a profound change, with the informal sector becoming the norm in order to escape fiscal pressure, a path that SPFS did not wish to follow because of its determination to comply with the applicable rules. As a result, the company has seen its market share gradually shrink.

As a result, SPFS shut down the refinery at the beginning of February 2023.

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